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Sign the Online Support Petition

February 10, 2020

Get your voice heard by signing the Online Support Petition, this will be shared with local MLA's and MP's to show continued support for the South Central Natural Gas Project.

We continue to advocate for natural gas in the area for the following reasons: 

1) To meet Manitoba’s commitment to eliminate coal burning for space heating;

2) To aid in a risk management by having energy options;

3) and to provide affordability for encouraging community retention and expansion 

Economic Impact Summary Report

August 17, 2018

The South Central Natural Gas Project Economic Impact Study Summary Report contains detailed information that went into the analysis for presentation and marketing materials

Greenhouse Production Opportunity Analysis

July 24, 2018

Opportunity Analysis Brochure for Greenhouse Production in the South Central Natural Gas Project area

Hog Production Opportunity Analysis

July 24, 2018

Opportunity Analysis Brochure for Hog Production in the South Central Natural Gas Project area

Economic Impact Analysis Presentation

July 24, 2018

Results from the Economic Impact Analysis show the output from the construction of the pipeline alone would have a $110 million output and create 434 jobs. Meanwhile, access to natural gas would encourage growth in the hog production, greenhouse, and metal fabrication industries that would have long-lasting economic effects for the area.

Proposed Customer Fee Schedule

Proposed customer fees as of July 2018. The customer fees collected would be used toward Project costs. Customers paying fees would receive one (1) single point of service gas meter on property.

Expected Hydro Electricity Increases

Hydroelectricity rates in Manitoba are expected to increase, there is currently a proposal being reviewed by the Public Utilities Board requesting a rate increase of 7.9% for years 2017/18 and 2018/19. Manitoba Hydro has also expressed their intent to seek rates increase up to 75% over 10 years to achieve financial stability. Details on Manitoba Hydro's 10-year plan.

Current annual cost savings are $732 between heating a home with natural gas versus electricity, in 10 years the difference could be $1,760

Heating Fuel Cost Compaisons

Comparison of heating fuel types (natural gas, geothermal, biomass, electric, propane) equivalent to a $/kWh as of February 2018, with the inclusion of the $25/tonne carbon tax

Home Heating Cost Comparisons

Manitoba Hydro provides information on average home heating options based on costs as of February 2018. To calculate cost savings on upgrading your specific home heating visit Manitoba Hydro's Home Heating Costs Online Calculator

Affordable Conversion to Natural Gas With Power Smart Programs

Manitoba Hydro currently offers Power Smart Programs to make the conversion to high-efficiency natural gas furnaces more affordable. Switching from electrical energy to natural gas alleviates the electrical demand in our area, allowing economic growth to continue, and allows MB Hydro to export hydroelectricity out of the province to replace fossil fuel generated electricity. Click to learn more about the Power Smart Programs including Pay As You Save (PAYS) and Affordable Energy Program. 

How the Manitoba Carbon Tax Applies to You

Carbon tax rates by fuel type applicable starting in September 2018 to fossil fuels. Agricultural producers using fuels for heating farm buildings or grain drying will be exempt from the Manitoba Carbon Tax, but will require a specific natural gas meter if used for home heating or other non-agricultural purposes. 

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